5 Tips to Help You Stay Warm

snowy smoky mountains

It is pretty chilly here in Bryson City right now and temperatures are expected to drop again tonight. Here are a few tips to help you stay warm and enjoy your Watershed Cabin.

Tip #1: Dress in Layers

When you are inside, an extra sweater, some fuzzy socks and slippers should do the trick. But, when you go outside, you want to make sure you dress in layers to help you stay warm. The three-step layering system works best. Synthetic fabrics and wool are your friends in cold weather and are warm even if they get wet – leave the cotton at home. Start with a base layer of wool, polyester or other synthetic blend. This will keep the warmth in while wicking moisture away. Fleece is a favorite for a second layer because it creates a pocket of warm air around you, making you feel nice and cozy. Top it off with a windproof, waterproof jacket to keep the warmth in and the cold air out. Down or fleece-lined coats are the best bet on super cold days.

Tip #2: Build a Fire

There is nothing as wonderful as a roaring fire on a cold day! During the day, make sure to bring in enough wood to last you through the evening so you don’t have to go outside during the coldest part of the night! If you are new to fire-building, make sure read the manual in your Watershed Cabin so you know how to properly open the damper. A cabin full of smoke is no fun!

Tip #3: Eat Chocolate!

Foods that are nutrient-rich and high in fat will help you stay warm and energized. So, now is the time to indulge in chocolate, nuts, creamy soups, hot cocoa with extra whipped cream – all the good stuff!

Tip #4: Bring a Blanket

When it’s this cold outside, I always keep a few blankets in the car. If you have leather seats that aren’t heated, sitting on the blanket can really help! Also, it can take a while for the heater to warm up the whole vehicle; blankets help keep backseat passengers more comfortable at the beginning of a car ride. They can also be used to quickly warm up someone who has gotten too chilly outside and can be a lifesaver if you encounter car trouble on a cold day. Fleece blankets are the way to go – they warm you up quickly and stay warm even if they get wet.

Tip #5: Park Smart

Freezing overnight temperatures may lead to slippery, icy conditions in the morning. If you are planning to leave in the morning, make sure your car is parked in such a way that you do not have to turn around in the morning and make sure you will not have to go up or down steep hills in potentially icy conditions. Plan to stay in your cabin until the sun comes out and temperatures begin to rise. If necessary, call the Watershed office to request a later check out time.

Hope these tips help you stay nice and warm during your visit to Bryson City during this cold weather!




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