Guided Mount LeConte Trip with Discover Life in America

Mount LeConteThe annual trip to Mount LeConte with Discover Life in America is scheduled for August 23-24th. Mount LeConte is the highest-elevation lodge not just in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park but in the entire Eastern United States. The lodge, which consists of a few community buildings LeConte Lodge consists of several community buildings and several small cabins nestled atop the second highest peak in North Carolina, can only be reached by trail. All food and supplies are carried in on llama-back.

The program begins with a guided hike up the Alum Cave Bluff Trail to Mount LeConte. As you enjoy the scenery, you will learn about the area’s natural history, human history and biodiversity. In the evening, a sunset program about the All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory will be conducted.

You will spend the evening at Le Conte Lodge, enjoying a wonderful family-style meal and the company of your fellow travelers, perhaps catching a glimpse of a bear, deer or other wildlife. In the morning, a hearty breakfast will be served, then the group will prepare for the hike back out.

$275 per person, with price including lodging (double occupancy), dinner and breakfast. To make reservations contact Todd at or call (865) 430-4757.


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