Our Small Town Pharmacy Treats You Like Family

Pill_Bottle_optWhen travelling, it is often easier to go to a chain store or restaurant you know instead of taking a risk on a small mom-and-pop business.  It is understandable, of course; you know what to expect and therefore will be less likely to end up frustrated or disappointed.  The trouble is, you will miss out on discovering the gems, as well.

Bryson City is a small town and does not have an abundance of chains, with the exception of the obligatory fast-food restaurants.  If you are visiting the area and need to visit a pharmacy for any reason, do yourself a favor, and visit Bryson City Health Mart Pharmacy. (We locals just call it Bryson City Pharmacy because the name really is long!) This tiny little shop is filled with friendly, knowledgeable people who are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you are well taken care of.  You will get speedy, professional service and will be treated not as a customer, but as family.  I know this from personal experience and have heard good things from many other people.  Let me give you an example; on a Friday afternoon, a sick child needed a medication.  Neither pharmacy in town had the medication – no one in the neighboring town had it either.  The big-chain pharmacy said they could have the medication by Monday and dismissed the customer.  The staff at Bryson City Pharmacy started making calls; they located the medication in a town 40 miles away and arranged for the medication to be driven in that evening. The customer had the medication by 6:30p.m. and was spared having to drive an 80-mile round trip with a sick child. This does not happen with your typical chain pharmacy but is the kind of care and service you can expect from Bryson City Pharmacy.

So, whether you need a prescription, are looking for homeopathic remedies or herbal supplements, forgot your vitamins or just need to pick up some Band-Aids, visit Bryson City Pharmacy. You will never hear “we can’t help you”.  They will do what it takes to make sure you are taken care of; which is pretty comforting when you are far away from home.


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