Explore Local Heritage at the Cherokee Indian Fair

cherokee indian fairThis week, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is hosting a festival to celebrate the culture and heritage of the Cherokee people that have lived in this area since before recorded time. The festival will feature carnival rides, games, local arts and crafts, locally grown produce, baked goods, live music, traditional games and contests, storytelling and dancing as well as the Cherokee Miss Pageant, Stickball and “Cherokee Idol”, an amateur talent contest.  The theme for this year’s Fair is “Cherokee Traditions: Our Story Lives”. Each day of the Fair is themed as well; Tuesday is Parade Day, Wednesday is Children’s Day, Thursday is Elders’ Day, Friday is Veteran’s Day and Saturday is Community Day. Each day honors a part of life that is important to the Cherokee people.

So, if you are looking for a fun way to experience local culture during your stay in Bryson City, head on down to the Cherokee Fairgrounds at 545 Tsali Boulevard and enjoy the Cherokee Indian Fair! Cherokee is 10 miles east of Bryson City, Just a short drive from your Watershed Cabin. Tickets are $10 each day or $35 for a 5-day pass. To purchase advance tickets, click here.


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